Rolling Stones urinal in Germany

The design team of Delphine Buhro and Michael Dreher created this homage to the Rolling Stones at Goldman 25Hours Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany via Juxtapoz Magazine. 


Museum of Ordinary Things features "Wintergreen"

Art surrounds us, all you have to do is look for it. Otherwise the point is MOOT

The urinal as art at "The Museum of Ordinary Things".


Bathroom doors at Bako in Seattle

Awesome bathroom door shot at Bako restaurant located in Seattle on Capitol Hill at 606 Broadway Avenue East.  Bako is an upscale Chinese restaurants with toilets to match.  Photo courtesy of Monica Guzman.


Vote for you favorite public restroom

From coast to coast and ball parks to ball rooms, the America's Best Restroom contest sponsored by Cintas spotlights some of the most memorable restrooms over the past decade. This year, we're celebrating our 10th year and we're in search of the best nominations yet! Have you seen a unique, impressive restroom? Maybe it's elegant, eclectic or downright quirky. As long as it's immaculate, inviting and, most of all, memorable, it's fair game!

Vote for your favorite restroom!

America's Best Restroom - Vote | Presented by Cintas

America's Best Restroom - Vote | Presented by Cintas


Awesome Mural in the Men's Room at Hattie's Hat

A short interview with Artist Rick Klu about his one-shot mural in the men's room at Hattie's Hat in Ballard, Seattle. Rick's a Seattle artist who recently relocated to Los Angeles to find fame and fortune. He came back to paint the men's room but the owner of Hattie's Hat loved it so much, he stayed to paint the Ladies Room too!


Urinal of the Day from The Stranger


Dan Savage posted this lovely non-urinal photo today from Nick at the University of Wisconsin.

"This is from one of the UW Memorial Union bathrooms," write Slog tipper Nick. "The need for the 'out of order' sign baffles me; were less-than-observent guys pissing in the hole in the wall where the urinal used? On second thought, this picture probably isn't the best candidate for UotD. So here's a one of my ass—for your personal viewing only (sorry, Sloggers) that I sent to my girlfriend when she was abroad. It's the least I can do after years of great info."

From The Stranger's SLOG


Bathrooms good and bad

Beautiful slide show of amazing and colorful bathrooms
Bathrooms good and bad