Playwright Holly Arsenault's first-ever bathroom selfie

Carefully staged in a restaurant restroom to show off the makeup stylings of babysitter/makeup artist extraordinaire Laura Valiente. Ms. Arsenault is quoted as saying she is certain that babysitters who are also professional makeup artists is a million dollar idea.  Good luck to Ms. Arsenault in this and in all future endeavors! 


The Pecker Collection - A Poem by Robin Hall

A curse upon you puddle makers,
mopping pee up gives me vapors!
Misdirection's not the issue
JUST CLEAN UP! There's lots of tissue.

If your thing swings loose and free,
and on the floor or seat you pee,
please clean it up, don't be a slob,
It's YOURS, not someone else's job!


Idaho Pride

Photo by Trista Robinson

Picture from a recent road trip to the Boise State Penitentiary. 


Toilets and bathrooms of past, present and future – in pictures | Life and style | The Guardian

Few countries were as advanced as the Romans, however. In Britain, chamber pots were emptied on to muck heaps, streets or into rivers for centuries. But the toilet – like the one above – could be a means to power – the 'groom of the stool' had unparalled access to the King.Photograph: Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014

Toilets and bathrooms of past, present and future – in pictures | Life and style | The Guardian:


Rolling Stones urinal in Germany

The design team of Delphine Buhro and Michael Dreher created this homage to the Rolling Stones at Goldman 25Hours Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany via Juxtapoz Magazine. 


Museum of Ordinary Things features "Wintergreen"

Art surrounds us, all you have to do is look for it. Otherwise the point is MOOT

The urinal as art at "The Museum of Ordinary Things".


Bathroom doors at Bako in Seattle

Awesome bathroom door shot at Bako restaurant located in Seattle on Capitol Hill at 606 Broadway Avenue East.  Bako is an upscale Chinese restaurants with toilets to match.  Photo courtesy of Monica Guzman.