Pee Forest

Seattle artist Steven Miller has created an accordion-fold pull-out book of sepia-toned photographs that tells the timeless story of two handsome furry bearded men that happen upon each other in the woods and pee all over each other.

This particular piece is an edition of 10 sold in an incredible art machine called EARL 3.0. This robotic art dealer, probably a candy machine in another life and reminiscent of the beloved Artomat, offers one-of-kind or limited editions of artists work, with prices from a few dollars and up.

You can find EARL 3.0 at the The Hideout Lounge, located at 1005 Boren Ave in Seattle, open regular bar hours (and irregular ones too.) Nice bathrooms, clean, one for each sex. Hideout owner Greg Lundgren tells us that Earl 3.0 is Indian. He is state of the art vending equipment, with a laser and everything. He comes straight out of the factory, so has no previous experience dealing art, but has been a fast learner. He is showcasing some of the coolest, most affordable contemporary art in Seattle, and I'm sure given a year or two, robots will be dealing all of the art around town. Kind of like gas stations and cash machines.

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